Sunday, March 04, 2007


Nothing is more troubling to a man over Thirty than a Zit.

For the Modern Man, a Zit takes you back to all the bad things about your youth. Acne, puberty, clumsy attempts to get laid - these aren't the things we like to be reminded of. (When we reminisce about the past, we like to focus on the positive.)

I think what pisses me off is that I take so much better care of myself now than I did then. Yet still.... BAM! Zit.

I do know men my age who go as far as to use makeup to cover their minor outbreak. I'm not one of them - I tell people the mark on my face is from my last knife fight at the bar. (What? It's believable..)

Now you'll have to excuse me while I dig out the Clearasil.....
What's the expiry date on this?
December 1992?

It'll do.


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