Saturday, March 10, 2007


Tonight The Sidekick and I went and watched 300.

The movie was good. Very good.

When you take a Frank Miller graphic novel and adapt it to a movie - count me in. As I learned from Sin City and confirmed tonight, it means three things: Blood, Guts, and Titties, titties, titties. ('Ol Frank knows the importance of breasts in modern cinema.)

The movie was beautifully shot, engaging, and the story was well told. Don't look to it for historical accuracy - it is a work of fiction after all. (People's teeth weren't that perfect in the past - that's one thing that I noticed.)

What I found shocking was the fact that there was a family there. This movie is rated 18A, and if you decide to bring your 15 year old, fine. But to bring a toddler and another kid who is at most 10 years old is sheer madness. Go on cheap night and use the money you saved to buy a sitter. How do you explain to your kid why the man cut off the other man's arm? Can't wait for the next fight at that house. Someone's getting impaled because they couldn't share Tickle Me Elmo.
(What the fuck is wrong with people?)

But back to the movie - it is worth another look. I'd even go see it again, should time and events conspire for me to do so. If not, I'll sure as hell get it when it hits DVD.

Titties, Titties, Titties.
(I had to say it again.)


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