Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Where do you do most of your thinking?

I have two areas of my home that are conducive to my thought process. Conveniently, they are both in the Bathroom.

I find that most of my flashes of insight, realizations and epiphanies come while I'm in the shower. I don't know if it's the hot water and steam recreating the fog-like ambiance of my brain, or the fact that soaping my genitalia makes me think dirty thoughts - which leads to real thought. Whatever it is, it seems to work just fine.

Deep thought requires a seat. That's why most of my worldly life-moving thoughts are partially made on the toilet. It's not that doing my business makes me organize my business - that's just wrong. The main reason is that it's the one room in the house that you can lock yourself into and no one will bother you. This becomes crucial in a house with kids. Time and space are needed to think. The reading selection also helps. (Magazine, anyone?)

It's not just my Bathroom - it's my Fortress of Solitude.

At the end of it all, be it insight or deep contemplation, when I leave that room, I'm ready to roll.

So where do you do your business?
Where are you when inspiration strikes?
Seat up or down?
Flush twice if it's a shitty idea.


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