Friday, March 09, 2007


Tim Horton's - 18
Me - 3

Every year this happens.

The Roll Up The Rim contest comes to Tim Horton's and what do I win? Jack Shit. I've claimed a total of three free coffees, ( one was given to me by someone else) and I have yet to hear of anyone in our town win something good. Where's my Plasma TV, my Hybrid Toyota?

(The funny thing is that if I'd saved the money instead of spending it on coffee, I'd almost have the cash for the T.V.)

If anything, this contest makes the madness at the local coffee shops even more insane than usual. Want to enjoy a tasty beverage and possibly win $1000 or an iPod? So does everyone else. They line up like lemmings about to go off the cliff. What is even more irritating is that they are all in my way.

I'll keep drinking 'cause I like the coffee, and I'll keep rolling 'cause I like to win. But I have to admit I'm getting tired of seeing Please Play Again/Reessayez S.V.P.

"When Lord? -when is My time?"


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