Sunday, October 14, 2007

Increase Penis Girth Today!

A while ago I posted about my E-mail.

I was getting another individual's mail, and it was getting annoying. I sent off a couple of "return to sender" mails, and slowly but surely, word got around that this wasn't their e-mail address anymore. The invitations and family photos dried up.

But now I'm getting spam. Lots of spam.

This account doesn't get used for anything but personal e-mail. I have an account setup elsewhere for this type of thing. Since I'm quite anal about it I'm also confident that no one in my home is giving this address out to anyone else. Which leaves me with one thought:

That bitch is using my e-mail address as a spam address.

I know it's a girl from all the mail I got addressed to "Mindy". (Since there was none for "Mork" I assumed that was her real name.) My best guess is that she's out there entering porn sites and using her old address as a referral dump or even worse, clicking those "punch the monkey" ads and entering my information.

Just tonight I received 21 spam e-mails - that's after getting 15 or so this morning. It's not a major inconvenience, as I have filters and such, but it's a pain knowing that I'm getting them. And knowing that it's not my fault just infuriates me even more.

There has to be a way to get even. I'm not going to be some-one's Internet Bitch.
Revenge will be a dish best served electronically.

Until then, I'll do a little light reading on the subject of girth.



  1. So as I was reading the newses about all the deers being hit by the traffics, and hearing that it was just clueless peoples getting their mails from Canada Posts by cars. I wondered about the impacts to the environments on all the drivings, lat alone the other cattles the drivings puts at risks, it suddenly hit me.

    Mails isn't a word. And neither is Emails. They are their own plural.


    WV: uyuuh, showing google would agree with me, if it could only find its dentures.

  2. If my Google spellcheck says it's a word - it's a word.

    By the way, that paragraph you wrote was painful to read. (Or painfuls, however you like it.)