Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Toilet Humor

Tonight I watched something that surprised me.

The Boy had picked out the movie Flushed Away, and I had groaned at the thought of it. I hadn't heard much about this movie, and wasn't into seeing it.

I'm a Pixar snob, you see - and any movie that wants you to watch it just because the guys from Shrek made it doesn't sit well with me. I got suckered into watching Barnyard once, and that memory haunts me to this day.

But this one turned out okay - so much in fact that I might actually buy it. I enjoyed the humor, the kids loved it, and visually it's a great animated movie. There are a ton of in-jokes that the kids missed but I got. (The 2 second shot of Wolverine's uniform won me over.) I'm glad they put something in there for me. Nice of them to think of the parent.

I guess you can't judge a book (or Dvd) by it's cover.

I know most of you thought that with a title like Toilet Humor I'd be talking about what makes me laugh - and you'd be right - this did make me laugh. It can't all be dick and fart jokes, people.


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