Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

For a treat tonight we took The Boys down to the Fishing Pier for ice cream cones. (I know going to a pier for cones seems strange, but it works in this town.) They had both behaved really well while I was at work today, so it was a nice reward for them.

Boy #1 went with Cotton Candy ice cream. I swear that that kid picks flavors on what is going to seem the sweetest or what will gross Daddy out more. (I think I've told him I hate cotton candy.) I didn't even want to watch him eat the damn thing, except it's hard not to notice when it starts to run down the front of his shirt. Since he is only 4, I forgave him.

Boy #2 shared Vanilla with Mommy, so I went with something I've never tried before. Butter Pecan.

Oh My God.

If anyone would have told me that eating this confectionery delight would be like having an orgasm inside my mouth, (Please ignore all gay connotations of the previous statement.) I would have tried it ages ago. I feel ripped off, that nobody let me in on this secret.

It makes me wonder: What else have you all been hiding from me?

Now is the time to let me know, people - I'm still reeling from this discovery, I'll be lenient with the next few revelations. If I have to start finding shit like this out on my own, you just know there's going to be damage. (Just like that Mentos and Diet Coke thing - right?)

Nobody wants that to happen.

For now I'll be over in the corner with 2 liters of paradise and a spoon.
Please bring napkins.


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  1. My mom likes tomato, peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.

    No, wait: that's lettuce, not cheese.

    Mayonnaise? I can't keep it straight. All I can remember, that which I haven't blocked out of my mind, is that her sisters like it too.

    They're all crazy.