Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Can't Stand It.

Trying to find a stand to set my T.V on is harder than picking out a T.V by itself.

There's two price levels in regards to stands at all the stores I've looked at. Ridiculously Expensive and Dirt Cheap.

There are pros and cons to each:
  • Ridiculously Expensive - Solid, good-looking, and loads of well-thought features. (Cable Manegement.) Problem: When the stand costs half as much as the T.V. - I have a problem giving up that much cash just to keep something off the floor.
  • Dirt Cheap - Cost effective, not as much selection, inferior materials. Problem: It looks Dirt Cheap. Why can't something resonably priced not look like it came from the thrift store?
I'm not sure which way I'm going to go.

The other thing I've noticed - In the T.V. area, someone has a hard-on for silver. I'm not talking T.V wise, (thats about 50/50 black and silver) just the stands. Silver and glass. I've seen so many different combinations of the two that it's maddening. I hate silver.

Of course I could go trailer-trash and just use some boards and cinder blocks, right? Pretend I'm still in college? Maybe some milk crates for a DVD stand.

Ohhhh.... Now I've got an idea....


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