Saturday, June 16, 2007


It must be some strange side effect of the procedure I had.

It could be the fact that my Doctor says "Don't even think about it for 10 days."

It might be that every nerve in my body is aware of the slightest twitch or tingle in "that" area.

Whatever it is, I'm horny as hell right now. Haven't been able to focus on anything else all day.

I think that due to the trauma in the area, my body is producing extra testosterone just to make sure the equipment functions like it used to. As a result, I'm randy as a goat and can't do shit about it. (I would probably take the chance, except that I'm worried about anything that may cause hindrance to future enjoyment. ) This is probably the first time in my life I'm going to follow the Doctor's advice to the letter.

But it's tough. Sex surrounds us as a society. Everywhere I look I see it, images of it, things that make me think of it. (The Internet is no help, that's for sure.)

I should probably just render myself unconscious for the next 7 days - it would be easier to come back from a coma than avoid this.

Anybody got a hammer?


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