Thursday, June 28, 2007


Since it was raining and there was nothing else to do, the Family went down to Courtenay. (By "went to Courtenay" I mean Future Shop and some of the surrounding stores.)

I was in Wally World (I know...don't ask) and happened to be walking by a discount bin of DVDs. I don't normally even look at them, but something caught my eye, and before I knew it, I had a handful of titles and was heading for the checkout.

I succumbed to what the Sidekick calls "The Urge to Round Out Your Collection."

You see, a bunch of the DVDs that I bought were ones that I liked but would never normally buy. However, they are cheap enough that it's more cost effective to buy than it would be to rent, should I want to watch them again. I also picked out some that do come out on T.V every so often, but are horribly edited for content when they do.
I'll even give you a quick list:
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - It's a weakness, and shitty when it's on T.V.
  • Constantine - Probably my favorite Keanu film - and another that will never be shown on T.V. anytime soon.
  • Alien 3 - Fuck all the haters, I love this movie.
  • Hellboy - Sword of Sorrows - Never seen this one, but The Boy loved the Hellboy movie, so the animated follow up should be great.
  • Superman & Popeye - I know what you are thinking. But it's a collection(5 disc) of the old Fleischer Superman shorts (all of them!) and a bunch of Popeye as well. I was raised on Popeye; maybe this will make The Boy eat his spinach.
I know that 5 DVDs doesn't count as a spree, but for me it is. I don't normally purchase anything unless it's brand new or something really significant being re-issued. So today was a splurge for me.

Now I just need a bigger DVD rack.......
Life is tough.


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