Monday, June 18, 2007

The Iceman Cometh.

Quick Confession:

When I was younger and comic books were still my main form of entertainment, I was a rebel.

Everybody and their dog was a Wolverine fan ("'Cause he's the best there is at what he does...") but I went a different path. My favorite X-Man?


Sure, he was a cheesy snowman in the original comics whose main weapon was throwing snowballs or freezing people's boots to the ground, but I liked him anyway. It wasn't until later on that they gave him the "icey" look, and he no longer resembled Frosty's retarded kid brother.

And let's not forget Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends - classic T.V. for any 11 year old. I always wished that Iceman would have made a dog-sicle out of Ms. Lion.

I bet you Iceman was wicked in the bar. Chilled drinks, Ladies? (Smooth Pimp, y'all.)

As much as I like the X-Men movies, I do regret the fact that they made Iceman into a emo kid who's just out to chase after his "one true love" and play super-hero with the big boys. The best thing about the character in the comics was his confidence and wisecracking ways. At least he made it in the movies, I can be content with that.

I haven't kept up with the character or comics in general - I'll have to check and see if The Twin can get me some Trade Paperbacks to check out. It'll be good to feel like a kid again.


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