Thursday, June 14, 2007


Well, the ache is down to a dull throb right now. Of course, I have been sitting around all day alternating bags of frozen peas on my crotch, so I guess everything is still a bit numb.

The biggest shock? The realization that I'm pretty much immune to local anesthetic. The Doc had to load me up big time. (Needles in the nether regions? Ouch.) I won't go into any more details about that.

The next biggest shock? Cauterization. I couldn't see much from my vantage point, but at times the smoke coming up from there made me think he replaced my genitalia with a Wood-burning Kit. Not the greatest smell in the world. (As long as he's not blowing smoke rings, can I really complain?)

We'll see how it goes tomorrow. So far, I've made it with just a couple of Tylenols and the aforementioned bags of peas. If I can make it through tomorrow, I think everything will be okay.

Want to see my scar?


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