Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fuck Me, HDTV.

I've been looking for an HDTV.

Why? I'm tired of looking at shitty pictures on my shitty television, that's why. I'd also like the space that can be saved by these newer televisions.

I've got the go-ahead to go and purchase one; that is where the agony sets in. Anyone who has read anything I've posted previously has had some small glimpse of my Buyer's Remorse. With this potential purchase, I've almost been crippled by it. I know what I want and have practically found it already. Now I'm paralyzed because I know that as soon as I buy it, it'll go on sale for 15% less.

I'm going to have to suck it up and bite the bullet.

The only thing that can assuage my Remorse will be if I can haggle something extra out of the store. If I buy the T.V and they throw in a stand or an entertainment system, then I won't feel so bad when it does become cheaper.

It's all about the extras.

You'll know when I find that deal and have it in my house. I'll post pictures with it - (some risque ones, possibly) and the guy on the right with the big-ass grin? That'll be me.


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