Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lack of Communication.

Two Companies have pissed me off today. Both of them due to miscommunication on their part.

Nothing frustrates me more than being out of the loop - even more so when my money is involved.

That being said, I find that dealing with companies whose headquarters are east of Manitoba is especially infuriating. It's like they know I can't just drive over there and punch someone in the nose. I asked to speak to some-one's supervisor today and was told that the supervisor "doesn't take phone calls." - I just had to hang up then due to frustration. (They might have won that round, I'll win the war.)

Just to let you know I'm not an ass - I don't freak out on people who can't do anything about my problem. But if you can't fix it, put me through to someone who can. (Then I'll rip them a new asshole.)

And just let me know what's going on - that's all I expect as a customer.

So I'll try again, and wade into the mire that is Customer Service via Telephone - where trying to talk to an actual person is only half the challenge. (The other half is getting them to do anything about my problem.)

Wish me luck - I'll keep in touch.


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