Monday, June 25, 2007

Me Bite.

Today I bit my lip.


Not the metaphoric, holding-my-tongue biting of the lip either. I really clamped down on the sucker - so much that I drew blood.

So now I've been walking around all day with this swollen mark in the inside of my mouth. I notice it every time I talk or move my mouth. (That is to say a lot.) it's not visible if my mouth is shut, but I can notice it when I look in the mirror.

How retarded do you have to be to do this? Am I going to need lessons on the Proper Way to Chew Gum, so as to not encounter this again? I'm afraid the Government's going to step in and "Protect Me from Myself". That'll be all I need.

I'll just try to ignore it, and hope it heals (quickly) on it's own.

And I'm going to start chewing my gum reeeaalllyyy slow now.


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