Monday, June 04, 2007

I Got Nothin'

I don't really have anythig to say today.

It wasn't too hot, nothing overly dramatic or exciting happened, and I can't even think of anything on the world stage that I care to comment on. ( I was going to bitch about the warnings about toothpaste from China, but decided I'd skip it. Toothpaste = bad, thousands of Mandarin Oranges every Christmas = OK? Whatever.) If I can't bitch about the weather or the world, what's left? Nothin'.

So that's about it.

Tomorrow is Poker night, so I know I'll have either a good or bad story to tell. (I'm not playing at the Poker Retard's house , so it should be good.)

Wish me luck - I'm going all in with Pocket Queens.


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