Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You are Legion.

Are you one of the people in this picture?

I just want to say thanks.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to whatever rambling train of thought I have going on. I'm a stat junkie, so knowing there are 100 people out there who took the time to follow this blog is kinda cool.

(I'm sure a couple of you are spam bots, but whatever, welcome to the party.)

So be you Jobe or Bish from Victoria, The Homeoffice in Ontario, Steve in Portland, TripleT in chilly Chicago, or whomever at The Kroger Co. that keeps coming here (us grocery retail types have to stick together, right?) just know that I'm glad you stopped by and took the time.

For those of you I missed, I'm sorry - there's just so many of you now!

It's hard to see, but I'm smiling like a fool.



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  2. Anonymous11:18 am

    We do have to stick together!!! If you ever need a job in the "States" you have a "In"

  3. Hey...do we become Minion once we hit 200???


  4. yeppers there's me well rather my truck on the bottom left corner lol,I for one think you're pretty cool, and sure are fun to read!

    cheers :)

  5. Thaaat's me on the rocks. I don't know how in the HELL I found you, but I'm as happy as you are that I did :)


  6. I like to think that most people were drawn here by my magnetic personality, irresistible charm, and ability to somehow fit the word "fuck" into every second post.

    Who are we kidding? it's the "Next Blog" button that deserves all the credit...

  7. homeoffice5:56 am

    If i recall correctly, you have just always been a touch funny and a touch bastard, and those are my favorite combination's for a writer.