Monday, January 09, 2012

Quarter for Your Thoughts..

See that quarter up there?

That quarter has been in the bathroom at work for the last three days.

(Yes, that classy signage is in our public bathroom at work.)

Now, forget what it says about the cleanliness of our bathrooms if its been there for three days, or why I'm in the bathroom enough to notice it being there, but there are some serious questions that need to be asked about that quarter:

  • Who's is it?

  • How did it get there?

  • If it was dropped, why was it placed on the picture?

  • Why wouldn't you just take it?

  • If you're the type of person who picks up a quarter off the bathroom floor, do I really want you handling my produce?

  • How long will it stay up there? (Times are tough, ya know...)

  • Does the date hold any significance? (2007, in case ya can't see it.)

  • Does it bother me to have an elk watch me pee?

  • Where in the bathroom was it found? Floor, bowl, sink?

  • Why is it off center? If you're going to balance it up there, wouldn't you want to do it right?

Some of these questions may never be answered...
And the biggest question of all is:

Would I really write a whole blog post about something I saw in the bathroom?

Yes I would.

Just consider yourself lucky I'm not writing about what I saw when I looked down...


*In case your wondering, that sign was put up because sometimes the customers who used the bathroom left it smelling ...less than pleasant. The use of the fan is strongly encouraged.
** On a side note, I believe the color of the walls is "swallow" or something silly - don't look at me, I don't name paint.

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