Sunday, January 01, 2012

Write Off.

Possibly more energetic than I was today.
Today is a write off.

Sure, I got up at 7am with the Wife when she went to work, and I even did a workout with some of the stuff I got for Christmas. Coffee was involved too.

After that, the day went downhill.

You know those people who spend January 1st taking down all the Christmas Decorations, reorganizing the house, and getting everything straightened away to start the New Year?

Yeah - not me, not today.

The Boys and I played some games that they got for Christmas (I have the steady hand for Operation), but it was pretty much just a do-what-ya-like kinda day. Books were read, hockey was played, and I was even tempted to take a nap while they were watching a movie. (I may or may not have dozed off for a couple of minutes - it's all kinda fuzzy.)

It's not like we were up terribly late for New Years - pretty sure we hit the sack by 1am at the latest - but I'm just bagged today. Seeing people doing inspired work like this makes me feel incredibly lazy, and I have sworn that tomorrow is going to be Accomplishment Day - believe me, shit will get done.

 I'm off to watch a movie now, and then possibly hit the sack.

All this doing nothing has me feeling sleepy.



  1. MLR -- we didn't do SHIT yesterday. I was sick and Husband was... Husband.

    And then he got SUPER sick.

    Tree is still up. We JUST had Christmas dinner an hour ago (possible post to follow :) ).

    Those bitches that took their trees down on Jan. 1st weren't getting their $$$'s worth out of their tree.

  2. Secretly you're just trying to prolong the holiday, right?

  3. i need this holiday to be over. order must be restored.