Monday, January 16, 2012

Preferred Mode of Viewing.

For realism, I stole a picture with a Kevin Smith movie in it.

Of all the habits I have, good or bad, there's one that I just don't understand.

If you were to glance over at my DVD racks, (yes, I said racks - as in more than one) you'd see approximately 250+ DVD's arranged neatly and in order of importance to me. (It's a very unique filing system.) With that amount of media on hand, it's kind of a given that if a movie is showing on commercial television, I already have it in my collection.

The Fifth Element? Got it.
Batman Begins? Got it.
Se7en? Got it.
Princess Bride? Yup - personal weakness.
Anything ever made by Pixar? Hell yes - I have kids.
There's also countless other comedies, dramas, rom/coms, etc that I have there. If you count the digital copies on my computer as well, I have a literal fuckton of movies to watch.

So if I have all these films at my disposal, why do I watch them on T.V. instead?

Perfectly good, commercial free DVD sitting on the rack, and yet if I stumble upon Blazing Saddles on AMC or something, I'll sit and watch that version, with all the commercials and editing.

It drives The Sidekick nuts.

We'll be texting or talking on the phone, and it goes something like this.

Him: "Hey Brother, what's up?"
Me: "Nothing - just flipping through the channels, skipped over Dog the Bounty Hunter and landed on The Great Escape playing on Movietime."
Him: "Don't you own that on DVD?"
Me: "Yeah."
Him: "Isn't it on the rack right beside the chair you're probably sitting in?"
Me: "Mmhmm."
Him: "Arrrggghhglebarrglerabble!"

He finds it completely inconceivable that I would suffer through watching a movie with commercials and shitty editing when I could just get my ass out of the chair, go to the rack, get the DVD and watch it in the matter God (the director, I guess) intended.

And I have no excuse. I know I own the movie - I know there's no commercials, but I also know that sometimes I'm just too damn lazy (or comfortable) to be bothered to get my ass off the couch and put the DVD into the player.

Is that a First World Problem, or what?

I have that problem right now, in fact - I have to go to work, yet Zoolander is starting on channel 625...

So do I PVR it, or just watch the DVD when I get home?*


*Sidekick: Don't freak out - you know I'm just going to catch it the next time it plays on the CBC.
**AMC, DVD, PVR - just so you know, my shift key got a real workout typing this today.



  1. I have two immediate problems with this post, or rather, with your philosophies..

    1) Your system of organization would make me want to punch you in the heart. How does anyone else in your house find a movie?? This sounds like Husbands half-assed method of organizing books. I'm sitting in a room surrounded by at least 600 books and if I wanted to find something specific, I'd have to call him at work to figure out what shelf to look at.

    We have a "Curious Fiction" shelf. WTF is that???

    2) You skipped over Dog, Bra?

  2. Hey I do the same thing.... and I dont know why either. Would someone explain it to me as well..... Other than with the obvious "Advanced Laziness" explanation!

  3. Your filing system makes perfect sense. Remember they are your movies for your enjoyment. The ol saying... there's a method to your madness.

  4. Should I apologize for saying I'd punch you in the heart? Too much? Too soon?

  5. No apologies necessary - I laughed.

    That being said, I'm not going to post a picture of my bookcases...