Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Off.

There's a problem when you go to the same gym as the people you work with.

You know how sometimes you just want to go there and do your thing, and not talk to anyone? Maybe because you don't have time, want to stay focused, or maybe just because you have a huge fucking cold sore on your face? (That last one was from a while back.)

Good luck. Work people always want to talk. And at 6 in the morning, the last thing I want to talk about is work. I'm going to be there in 2 hours anyway, so why don't we talk about work while we're at work? Isn't that a crazy idea?

The other downfall is if you take a day off.

I didn't workout this morning. I didn't go for a run, either. I opted to take that extra hour of sleep and cherish it, hold it, love it, and vow to never let it go. Unfortunately, the alarm clock went off anyway and fucked that up, so I got up and went to work.

When I got to there, I had the work/gym people all over me - "Where were ya?", "Skipping workouts, eh?" - shit like that. I wanted to take my pen and stab them in the eye.

I'm glad they are there for motivation, but someone missing ONE day does not constitute falling off the wagon. I don't need an intervention. Someone needs to explain to them (with extreme prejudice) that "rest" is also part of a workout. I'm down 15 pounds and my speed is slowly coming back, and if they think I'm going to jeopardize that, they are crazy.

Luckily for them, I'm as cheerful as a Smurf on ecstasy once I strap on my "Customer Service" face, so no one got hurt - and since I'm running 7 miles tomorrow and all of them are wusses who whine about anything over 5K, they can kiss my ass.

Wow - I've just re-read what I've typed, and I guess I'm a dick when I don't get my exercise high in the morning. Who knew?

Maybe I do need that intervention after all....



  1. I'm calling A&E right now.

    (for your intervention).

    I missed today's workout. But the kids didn't have school and it was a swim, so .... it was logistically... difficult.

    We made cupcakes instead. Cause if you're gonna fall of the wagon... fall hard.

  2. ....and I always thought my big break on A&E would be "American Justice" - just the thought of Bill Curtis's baritone describing my downfall would make it all seem worthwhile.

    ..but I ended up with a healthy, lowfat fruit parfait for dessert tonight - not quite cupcakes, but it soothed the savage beast..

    And I can burn it off tomorrow - those shoes don't tie themselves :)

  3. Here's my interpretation of me setting you up for Intervention:

    Me: Hey, A&E, it's me, TTT.
    Me: Yeah... uh, I know this guy who...
    wait...can you just get me Dog's production team?

    See? I've failed you.

    Enjoy your run. 30F here, Feels like 19F with 14 mph wind. Yikes