Monday, January 02, 2012

Questionable Material.

Yesterday, during a break in the Boys movie, the following commercial played:

Now I have a problem with this.

Kids singing The Lazy Song? Really? Isn't that the song that talks about sticking your hands down your pants? And I'm pretty sure there's a lyric that reads "- gunna do some P90X, meet a really nice girl; have some really nice sex".

So it's cool that 12 year olds are singing this?

How about "Club Can't Handle This"? Or "Forget You"? I know they've sanitized the lyrics for radio on that one, but it's isn't much of a stretch to know what Ce-Lo is really saying. So having kids singing this makes it better somehow?

There's two types of people I can see buying this: either the Sanitary Soccer Mom who wants to seem cool while protecting her little darling's ears, or the Creepo in the pedo-van who isn't allowed near school yards or actual kids singing groups.

(If you have this in your CD collection, please don't tell me which group you are a part of - I don't want to know.)

Damn, I'm feeling judgmental today..



  1. This is so right on so many levels!!!

    The ghost of Michael Jackson
    (too soon?)

  2. Steve: I imagine that MJ had volumes 1-7 playing constantly... that, and the Chipmunks.