Thursday, January 12, 2012

Drugs, Denial, and The Running Dream.

I totally stole this picture from someone else's blog.

You know that tight, scratchy feeling you get at the back of your throat right when you are starting to get sick?

Yeah, I had that last night.

The kids have had the sniffles/runny nose etc, since going back to school. (I'm still of the opinion that it's other peoples dirty, dirty children that spew their germs all over my kids for fun.) That's bad enough, but since I'm practically an irresistible celebrity in my own home, the kids surround me like paparazzi surround George Clooney or Roseanne Barr surrounds a hamburger - there's just no escape.

Since I'm 2 weeks into my training plan for the Half Marathon, there's no way I want to get sick now - the early part of the program is where you lay the foundation for a successful run. So I stuck first with the most powerful weapon in my arsenal cupboard - NeoCitran.

Did over-the-counter drugs make a great movie better? Well, yes.
I downed a couple of mugs while watching The Blues Brothers last night and hit the sack. I'm sure it was a combination of the drugs, the movie, and the evening's blog post, but I could swear I dreamt that Elwood Blues was feeding me bacon-stuffed donuts while we drove through downtown Chicago. It was both surreal and tasty at the same time.

I felt better this morning, but the real difference was in my run. I did 5 miles the other day and it felt tough, but good. The 3 miles I did today felt like I was running three times the distance and all uphill. I made it, but let's just say it wasn't a run I want to brag about. I'm going for a 5-miler tomorrow, so my plan today is to fill my body full of Hot Lemon Pharmaceuticals* and rest. (the Wife has been hit by the cold too, so laundry, vacuuming and dishes will be considered "rest" for today.) I'm also using the patented man-strategy of completely denying that I'm even sick, so I think a combination of the three should work out fine.

I'm just hoping tonight's dreams involve someone of the female persuasion - Elwood was cool and all, but I'd really rather my dreams be more about what happens in the backseat (wink wink) that the front.


*Totally wrote "Pharmaceuticals" in one try with no spell-check -  writing like a BOSS.


  1. Your NeoCitran is our Theraflu! Or should I say, MY Theraflu, because I go through about 20 boxes a season (the PM stuff knocks me on my ass).

    I feel your run. I had a similar run today. Debating on a post later ...

  2. HAHA! you stole my picture!
    nice to meet you

  3. TTT: No matter what the name, as long as it provides sweet, drug-induced comfort, I'm game.

    Scully: I knew I'd get busted for it eventually - I just didn't think it would be so quick! Thanks for sharing!


  4. The only reason I knew is because you started following my blog.
    I don't mind, sometimes I steal photos from other people's blogs too. ha