Saturday, January 07, 2012

Electronic Validation.

I ran 7 miles today.

For the longest time, Nike + didn't want me to tell anyone about it.

I came home from my run like I normally do, unsnap the USB-thingee (technical term) from my Nike +Sportband, and plug it into my laptop.

- Let's get this straight - I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to the whole "analysing my run" bit. I like the numbers, I like the visual data, I like being able to scroll back and see where I've improved, and I really like that it sends a tweet to anyone that follows me that basically says "Hey - I just ran.. What the fuck did you do today?"

So it's a real disappointment when it shows:

"Unable to connect to"

Unplug it, close down, plug it in again:

"Unable to connect to"

So I open up my browser and try to go to - no such luck. I tried two or three more times to no avail. (I think Windows was going to ask me if it could look for a solution to my problem, but that's like sending the retarded kid to fix the Large Hadron Collider.)

Fucking. Piss. Me. Off.

Now I'm not sure exactly why I feel I "need" to have my run logged in - I know I did it, my legs know I did it, my Wife and Kids know I did it - shouldn't that be enough? Shouldn't I just be happy that it was a good run, I feel fine, and I'm crazy enough to want to go farther next week?


I'll admit - the crazy running person in me wanted to get that run logged. After walking through the door at home during my lunch break, I kissed the Wife, said "Hi" to the kids, and headed to the laptop to try again.

You'd be amazed at how good I felt seeing that screen pop up.

I know this means I'm nuts, but just don't send the guys in white coats out to get me, ok? As a favor? It would mean a lot to me...

Fuck it - I think I could outrun 'em.



  1. Wow, 7 miles! I am starting an intense training schedule tomorrow for my first race next month, in about 6 weeks. It's 8.15 miles. I'm not running to place or for time. But I am really excited. I can't wait until the day I get to post "I ran x amount of miles tonight" :) Good job!!

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  3. Anonymous8:30 am

    I like your blog. Visit mine and be a follower.