Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You know People, I'm not one to bitch.

(Please don't go into to the archives to prove me wrong on that one.)

But today just put me in a bad fuckin' mood.

You know those days were you wake up and it just feels shitty? It's been that kinda day.

It started out being cold outside, and getting up out of bed was not a pleasurable experience. (I realize how petty -7C is to those of you who live in colder climes, but with the cold I have I'm not taking chances.)

 It became somewhat worse when I decided it was too cold to run outside, so I ended up doing 5Km of hills on a treadmill at the gym. Have you ever done hills on a treadmill? Take my advice - don't. The highlight of the run was that after about a half mile, my congested head cleared up and I was able to breathe - unfortunately it all came back about an hour or two after my run. (Timed nicely with the endorphin crash.)

Top that off with a dick of a co-worker shit-talking me to my boss, (dealt with both of them already - problem solved on both counts.) and you can see why I'm finding today less than thrilling.
(I know some of you are surprised to find that there's drama in the grocery store, but trust me, you don't know the half of it - I could have a blog dedicated to that alone.)

My plan for the evening is to go home, Neo-Citran and Coffee myself into oblivion, and approach tomorrow like it's a whole new day.

(My secret fear is that tomorrow will be today again - Groundhog Day -style, and I'm no Bill Murray.)



  1. I had a similar day yesterday.

    23.59 is your friend.

  2. Is that original artwork???

    Blame it on Betty and move on. Today can't possibly be as bad.