Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yesterday I was mildly retarded.

You see, I went to the gym with The Sidekick, as per usual, and for the warm up we ran about 1.5 miles. We then proceeded to kill ourselves doing our upper body set.

(As we were leaving the gym, I had a guy I work with ask me if I want to come back at lunch and do some more running. Since I now think I'm immortal - I said yes.)

I go to work, and it's a total clusterfuck - the order for my section was inadvertently doubled, and I had to work and stack it all in an organized manner. (Picture lifting 16 pounds from the floor to about 6 feet high - now picture doing it 250 times.) Needless to say, my arms and calves were sore from the lifting and such.

What's a guy to do to relax after that? Oh yeah - go to the gym for lunch, where I proceed to run just over 4 miles in 35 minutes. (Did I mention I was immortal now?) My calf started to cramp a bit near the end, but I'm tough and slugged it out.

Work was okay when I got back, just a lot of running around and restocking- nothing I can't handle. I'm already thinking about relaxing when I get home. I could hear my couch calling to me....


After dinner I come up with the great idea of taking the kids to the park - where we proceed to play soccer and try to fly a kite. What do those to things have in common? Right - running. (Yay calves!)

So of course my calves ache today.

Luckily it's my day off from the gym.

I'll just do a little bit of yard work, and if the kids move faster than a brisk walk I'll tell em to slow down.

However Sunday I'm immortal again, so of course I'll be back at the gym. I think all this testosterone is affecting my brain.

But it's worth it - Oh God is it worth it.


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