Friday, May 23, 2008

Female Problems

Work tonight was a joy. (Sarcastically speaking.)

Almost half the way through the evening, one of my cashiers starts crying uncontrollably in the coffee room. One of the other girls calls me , and I go to see what's wrong - she's doubled over, bawling and it's hard to understand her.

I'm expecting a medical emergency, something akin to a ruptured appendix or gunshot wound.

- She tells me she has cramps. Really, really, really bad cramps.

As a man, it's hard for me wrap my head around that. If it was a guy, I'd tell him to do another lap and walk it off - but obviously that won't work in this case.

What's the proper way to deal with that? I can't say I understand her pain as I've never ovulated before. The only thing I can do is say "Okay" and ask her what I can do.

I did the best I could for her, and had someone cover for her for the rest of the night. I called back later and her mom had taken her to the Doctor to get her checked out. It's not all good, but she's better now.

I still think jogging a lap and maybe icing it down was the way to go, but hey - I'm no Doctor.


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