Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spam Boy Must Die.

Thank you, Sumarno.

Thanks for being the type of tool that would spam my blog. I go through all the trouble of pouring my feelings out on the keyboard, and you go and use it as an introduction to your crappy porn blog.

It's not even good porn - I only looked through six or seven pages, not even 25 minutes worth, really. Is that the kind of traffic you want? Sure - you probably get more hits than me - but what would people rather see, supple, tanned young women exposing themselves or the ramblings of a man in mid-midlife crisis?

I think we all know the question to that.

I'll be nice and leave your link in the comment section - just to show no hard feelings. (I mean, you had to take the time to bypass Bloggers Word Verification - the strongest fail-safe known to man - you at least deserve something, right?)

But seriously, go peddle your smut somewhere else. I don't need your help finding porn.


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