Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Gym.

My gym is moving, and will be closed for about a month or so.

For the last two days, I've been working out at a different place.

It's nice, and I do like the fact that they have about 4x the cardio equipment of my old gym. There are a bunch of new machines that I've never seen before, and it's cool to try something different.

This new place has the reputation of being the "Roid Ragers gym, but I've only seen one or two big guys and they seem alright to me. (Nobody's offered to inject anything into my ass, so I'm happy with that.)

I'll get a month pass, just until the old place is open again.

It's good to try something different, and to step out of the comfort zone that I had at my gym. It'll be good for me.

See you on the treadmill.


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