Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lack Of Motivation.

I have a problem.

Some days I'm just lazy.

Case in Point:

Last night, after playing some Hockey on the 'ol Xbox 360, I flick through the channels and check out what's on. What do I see? Sin City. It's a favorite, and just started, so I think I'll watch for a bit.

It was good, but I kept getting annoyed with the commercials and the quality of the picture (Non HD). So What did I do?


I could have got off the couch, walked the 4 feet to the DVD rack, pulled out my copy of Sin City and put it in my upconverting DVD player - I would have had an excellent movie, commercial-free and in great quality.

But nope - I kept my lazy ass glued to the couch and suffered through pointless commercials. How sad is that?

It's not that that's a one-time occurrence - this has happened before. I'll suffer through shitty edits, commercial breaks, censored dubbing, whatever - even if I have a perfectly good copy right there.

It's a conundrum - that's for sure - and I should do something about it.

But maybe later - I think The Matrix is starting on TBS.
This should be good.


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