Friday, May 09, 2008

Fighting Father Time.

One of the guys I work with is substantially older than me.

It's good in that we can all benefit from his years of experience in the business, his familiarity with the customers, and his loyalty to the company.

It's everything else I can't stand.

He just can't keep up. My job isn't as physically demanding as some, but there is a part of it where the ability to get things done - and done fast - comes in handy. He just can't do it anymore.

Between that and the fact that his organizational skills are non-existent (you think after all this time he'd at least have some sort of system, or ability to follow any system), make it really difficult when I come back from my days off.

I've done all I can - hints, suggestions, outright telling him what needs to be done, but it just goes back to the same ol' same ol'. Even mentioning it to my bosses does nothing, as they just hope he'll put in his time and leave in a year or so. Meanwhile, that leaves me to clean up and re-organize after someone else. (Not a pleasant thing.)

I think all I can do is try to make it less stressful on myself - and hope he breaks a hip.


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