Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shameful 80's

Oh my God.

The Radio station at work is having a "All 80's" Long Weekend. As painful as it sounds, I've found myself humming along and tapping my foot to the beat as I go about my day.

You see, in between all the shitty 80's tracks they are playing, (Don't Worry - Be Happy, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, etc.) They're playing some of the music that I actually grew up with and listened to at the time. It's hard not to rock out when you get to listen to this:

Or this:

And I'll admit, I even choked up when I heard this:

I know, me saying something positive about the radio at work is a sign of the Apocalypse or something, but it's not actually that bad. I daresay it's been enjoyable. There is one slight drawback though - I find myself yearning for big hair and tight leather pants. I think it'll pass after the weekend, right?

I hope so.

So if you are in the store, and see some guy rockin' out his air guitar down Aisle 4, don't worry - it's just me reliving my youth.


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