Thursday, May 01, 2008

Piles Of Useless Crap.

I'm having an OCD day.

It's my day off - and later on today my Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncle are coming to visit. Needless to say, a little tidying is in order - just to straighten up the place. (I do have two kids, so you know it's not going to be immaculate.)

But for some reason, there's a couple of areas that are just driving me nuts.
  • The top of the Fridge - Why does it seem like everything gets shoved here? It shouldn't take me a half hour to clear it up. (But it did.) There's crap from Easter, a Christmas bow, random photographs - just shit that should have been dealt with ages ago.
  • My Bookcases - What the top of the Fridge is to the kitchen, my Bookcases are to the rest of the house. Small peices of the kid's toys, scraps of paper, random Poker chips - you name it, it's here. I was almost going to pull the books out, dust and re-organize but time and laziness got the better of me.
  • The Shoe Rack - What's the point of having a rack if I'm the only guy who uses it? It's like the rack isn't a place to keep your shoes as much as it's a symbol of where the shoes are supposed to be. My kids seem to think as long as the shoes are in the same room as the rack, everything is okay.

With cleaning out those areas, doing the recycling, and just getting the regular cleaning done, I'm almost wiped. It'll look good for today, but I just know it'll pile up faster than I can throw it all out.

It drives me nuts......

Isn't there some sort of show on HGTV or TLC for shit like this?


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