Friday, May 16, 2008

3 Things I Hate....

...About the May Long Weekend.

  1. The Panic - It's the first nice long weekend of the year, and everybody and their dog is running around like mad, trying to get organized so they can charge out to a campsite with 200 other assholes who are also hurrying to get to the same campsite. The dazed, half-crazed look you see in some people's eyes? That just means they're enjoying their long weekend.

  2. The Heat - Not that I don't like hot, but going from rainy and cool to scorching in one day seems a might odd. I hate breaking out in a sweat just from blinking.

  3. Assholes - Assholes are two types of people - those who come up to me at work and ask me if I'm going away for the weekend, then feign insincerity when I tell them I'm working - And those who come up to me, ask "Hot enough for ya?" (when I'm indoors) and then tell me how great it is outside and start to describe what I'm missing. I'd like to stab those fuckers with a plastic spoon.

Thank God it's only a weekend - I think I can make it through without causing harm to myself or others.

But I'm not guaranteeing anything.


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