Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol Must Die.

As I type this, American Idol is on in the other room.

I find it painful to overhear, forget about watching it.

Yes, I'll admit - I watched the first season, and have seen bits from season 2. After that I just couldn't stand to be around when it came on.

I don't like it's influence on music. That crap you hear on the radio? It's not like American Idol is doing anything to change that - they aren't looking for anyone new or different. They aren't even searching for the Next Big Thing - just the Next Thing. And talk about covering your bases. They had the Pop/Rock Girl win first, and then followed it with a Country Chick, Soulful Guy, Soulful White Guy, and countless other cookie-cutter personalities and talents.

And the public eats it up.

I don't blame the producers, they're milking this cash cow for as much and as long as they can. I blame the millions of people who watch and phone and keep this shit, and the crap that comes from it, on the air and on my TV. The fact that they take sometimes classic songs, butcher the arrangement and saccharinate it only adds to my displeasure.

I say we wait until the finale and nuke it from orbit. Tell Dubya that Osama's in attendance and he'll gladly push the button. (Although a nuke is too quick for Ryan Seacrest. He should somehow suffer more, if possible.)


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