Thursday, May 15, 2008

Late Nights & Early Mornings.

Yesterday was great.

I went to the gym, had a great day with the kids (That means no fighting and they listened), and got invited out for a for a free round of golf (and beers) at a great golf course.

After the round, we went to the pub for a bit, I enjoyed more beer and some yummy Yam Fries and headed home.

That's when all hell broke loose.

You see, I got home and everything was great. I played some Poker online - I was too wired to sleep - and then went to bed at about midnight. About 30 minutes later, The Boy started coughing.

He's had a slight nighttime cough for a couple of days - nothing a lozenge or some cough syrup doesn't rectify. I got up and checked on him, and his cough seemed worse than usual. I stayed with him and tried to comfort him and get him to sleep.

We were up until about 4:30 this morning. From then until 6:30 we got about 20-25 minutes of sleep at a time without him coughing.

And at 6:30? My other Boy woke up.

Bye-bye sleep, nice knowing you.

After numerous coffees for me, and a trip to the Doctor for The Boy, I find out he's got Pneumonia. (No need to panic, we caught it early.) I've been keeping him comfortable all day, but with the cough and just not feeling well, he hasn't rested or slept at all.

And I haven't either.

Tonight will be an early night for all of us, I think, and I'm hoping that The Boy (and Myself) can get the rest we need.

Must be God's way of punishing me for having a great golf game. (Karma's a bitch.)


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