Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's The Ugly Guy In Your Wallet?

I have to renew my Driver's Licence .

My Birthday is coming up soon, and it's been five years since I last renewed, meaning the plastic card I carry now will no longer be valid. (It also means the Government gets to take $75 of my hard-earned money, but that's another story.)

I actually can't wait to get an new licence - I hate the one I have now.

Driver's photos are never the most glamorous ones - but mine's nasty. I look like I just finished eating a small child and there appears to be at least one extra chin that I didn't know was there. On top of that, my hair's the shits 'cause I wore my hat, and you have to take it off for the photo.

Oh yeah - I'm a looker - that's for sure.

This time I'm around 20-25 pounds lighter, the chin appears to be gone, and I'll make sure not to wear the hat until after the picture. I want a licence I'm proud to show people - not one that's likely to get me charged with assaulting an officer if I hand it over at a traffic stop. (My gnarly photo being the weapon in question.)

Think they let me pose for a couple?

Or should I bring in my own - Glamour Shots, maybe?

Doesn't really matter, it'll be better than what I have now.


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