Thursday, May 22, 2008

Running With The Devil.

The Sidekick and I had our first day at the gym together.

Did some cardio, hit the weights for a while, and still made it to Timmy's for coffee after. (What? You've got to have some reward at the end, right?)

It's good to have someone there who understands a Kevin Smith punchline when they hear it.

He did well for a first timer. It is easy to forget how difficult it is to get something like this started, but amazing how fast your body can adapt. It'll be good for me as well - to have another person to keep me on track and focused on my goals. (There's no way in hell I'm going to let him be able to do more pull-ups than me.)

We're going to do cardio tomorrow, and then hit legs on Sunday.

I'll make sure he can still walk after, don't worry.

You know, we should try to get Tim Hortons to carry a protein shake - they are right across the street from the gym after all. Could you imagine a Honey Cruller - flavored protein shake?

I know it's sad - but I think I can.


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