Sunday, June 01, 2008

Whackin' My Weeds.

Today I armed myself and kicked Mother Nature right in the.... well, you know where.

I've been meaning to tackle some yard work recently, and I've finally gotten my shit together and just done it. I had to pick up some line for my whacker, but once that was done, I was set.

I jumped into the backyard and charged at that bush with everything I had. I flailed my whacker around like a man with a purpose. I wasn't going to stop 'till the job was done or I collapsed from exhaustion, whichever came first. At first I thought I couldn't handle it, but then I got my whacker under control and things fell into place. You know, once you get into a rhythm, it pretty much takes care of itself.

(Please try to ignore all of the obvious sexual innuendo in the previous paragraph. You didn't see it? What the hell are you reading this for?!)

After I was done I cleaned up my whacker, put it away in my garage, and went about with the rest of my day. I'll have to whack it again later in the week, but it's good to get it done anyway - gives one a sense of accomplishment.

I'm enjoying the yard work a lot more - I try to view it as exercise for my weight loss, and not as a chore to be dreaded. Seems to work for me. (It beats doing Squats, that's for sure.)

Who knows - this year I may even get a tan.

(Lets not push it - I'm still whiter than Casper.)


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