Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too Hot To Post.

It's 11:15pm right now, and it's still 25° outside.

That's too fuckin' hot.

Right now my ass cheeks are sticking to the chair, thus breaking my concentration and preventing me from forming any coherent thought.

It's not pleasant.

I didn't remember it being this hot last year - but then I went and looked at a couple of posts from around this time - this is when I was sitting with bags of frozen peas in my crotch, shortly after my vasectomy.

Funny how I look back fondly on that, now. (The peas, not the surgery.)

Ahhhh - Good Times.


1 comment:

  1. at times like this, I feel the need to remind you.

    My sister has A/C.
    And a wii fit
    and a big, phat TV
    and many aquaria for meditative viewing.
    and many computers for blogging
    and can receive pizza delivery
    and fridges for beer

    If you ask, you can probably settle on an appropriate Cover charge. I think she's calling her new nightclub 'nirvana', despite the lack of teen-spirit smell.

    Just don't park out front, since there is no room until they pave the whole freakin' front yard.