Monday, June 30, 2008

Bite Of Passage.

The Boy hit a milestone today - he lost his first tooth.

As much as I would have hoped that this would have occured while getting in his first fight or while stopping pucks for an NHL franchise, (Hey, Tiger golfed at 3) it came out naturally, at home, with just a bit of encouragement.

What impressed me the most? The Boy himself yanked it out.
(Does that mean he'll be a dentist? I can live with that.) For him to do that took more guts than anything - people have been telling him about the door-slamming trick since it started wiggleing. I think he yanked it to prevent that from happening.

So we put it in an envelope, wrote "Tooth Fairy" on it and tucked it under his pillow. Right now, the Tooth Fairy is waiting for him to fall asleep so he can get the envelope and replace it with $5.

Yeah, that's right - $5.

I spoil my kids.


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