Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shia LeBeouf Is Living My Dream.

Just got back from seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with The Sidekick - good movie - I'd rate it above Temple, but below Raiders and Last Crusade. For a child of my generation, it was great just to see Indy one last time.

Speaking of my generation, how unfair is it that some kid who's 15 years younger than me gets to be in all the movies I ever dreamed of being a part of? I would have jumped at a chance to be in Transformers, and I certainly would have made a better sidekick than Short Round. ("No worries, Doctor Jones - there's always time for Love.")

This punk LeBeouf is getting all the dream jobs.

And it gets worse.

I checked out IMDB, and it turns out that he's been in stuff that I would have given my left testicle to be in. (And that was even before the surgery.) Check it out:
  • Animated Movie: Surf's Up - sure, it sucked, but hey- cartoons.
  • Hitchcock Remake: Disturbia
  • Comic Book Movie: Constantine
  • Asimov Future Movie: I, Robot
  • Mindless Action Movie: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
  • Sci Fi TV Show: The X Files (One episode, but that's one more than I've been in.)
Just to be fair, he's also been in a lot of crap I wouldn't be caught dead watching, never mind being in.

Still, he's the guy living out my childhood fantasies. Thank God he's not cast for a role in The G.I. Joe movie - I would have to eat my liver out of jealousy. (Really I would make a great General Hawk or Duke.)

Now if I could only super-impose me over him when Crystal Skull comes out on DVD - then I just might have to rate it above Raiders.

We'll see.


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