Sunday, June 08, 2008

Child's Play.

Skipping Rope is hard.

Not the act itself (I'm coordinated enough to pull it off), but the energy it takes to do it continually over a given length of time.

I was looking to get some cardio in today, and I thought I'd try jumping rope. The Sidekick and I have tried it a couple of times at the gym, and it gives you a good increase in your heart rate between sets.

I headed out to the garage and started spinning. As a kid, I remember jumping rope and still being able to play on the monkey bars, run some plays in touch football, and still have a little left over for pulling the pigtails of cute little girls. Of course you never count how many times you skipped, you just did it until it got boring. (Which for me was probably less than 5 minutes.)

I skipped 1100 times tonight, and I'm exhausted. My calves are burning. I don't remember sweating while jumping rope as a child, but there's a small puddle in my garage that says it happens.

I guess it goes to show that even though I still feel like a kid, I can't really preform like one anymore. (But I'll give it my best shot.)

Next time I see some kids doing Double Dutch, I'm going to stop and ask for tips.


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