Friday, June 27, 2008


Ten-Digit Dialing is being thrust upon us.

It doesn't bother me that much, but getting used to it's a bitch.

Right now I get a stern female computer voice reminding me to dial the correct way, and my call goes through. Eventually they will have it so the call just doesn't connect unless dialed properly.

I'd rather just have my call not make it. The impersonal reprimand from a machine doesn't teach me anything - it just annoys me so I quickly hang up and dial again. I don't even hear the whole message. (That's how I am with most stern female voices - selective hearing.)

Certain things are easy. All the pre-programmed numbers I deal with? Changed 'em in five minutes and never looked back. It's only when I'm dialing certain numbers (like home) that I find myself making the error over and over.

I'll get used to it eventually. I can adapt.

I feel bad for my sons. By the time they are dating, getting a girls phone number will be a nightmare involving six feet of paper. ("My number? Yeah it's 250-645-8748-79986-54893-2211-28008-0223".)



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  1. I'm loving the 10-digit dialing rule. It'll stop the monthly call I get where some idiot contractor is over in my area code instead of Big Smoke:

    Ring Ring

    (groggy) Hello?

    Uh, yeah. Dis is Mikey at the site. Look, I seen dat guy droppin' off da stuff, but I tink it's da wrong stuff. It ain't gonna work in da hall like you want. Should I start layin' it down, or whut should I do?

    (What the hell) Uh, dude. Who're you callin'?

    Dis ain't Ted? Oh, I musta dialed wid-out usin' da area code, and it got you again. Sorry bubb.

    Yeah. Whatever. Gbye. (prick)

    I keep wanting to tell him just to lay it all down and don't worry, but I figure whoever's floor that is, is gonna be pissed, not to mention Ted, whoever he is. It'd serve him right for hiring idiots who can't 1) use a cell phone or 2) correctly realize who the boss is.

    Hard to get good help.