Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Doing My Job.

The amount of praise and presents one gets for having unprotected sex is amazing.

Today I had waffles for breakfast, (Homemade, not toaster.) cards from the kids, and Guitar Hero 3 waiting in the Living Room when I got out of the shower. Did I also mention the kids let me sleep until 7:15? (That's almost a record.)

You know, all this really isn't necessary. I love being a Dad, no matter how much they may annoy or frustrate me. The presents are a plus, but the real cool part is knowing one of my kids can recite the entire membership of the Justice League, and the other one has almost stopped crapping in his pants. (I say almost 'cause it's a work in progress.)

That day can't come soon enough.

To all the Dads celebrating this day: Happy Father's Day. (That includes you, Pops.)

And to all the don't-wanna-be Dads: Wrap that shit up tight.


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