Friday, June 13, 2008

Camera Shy.

So yesterday I bought a webcam.

I need it so that the kids can talk to their Grandparents when they go on their trek across Canada. I'll be cool that they'll be able to see them, and not just have to get by with regular phone conversations.

I hate it.

I'm not a real fan of having my picture taken. I was at one time, but not anymore. You will probably never see a profile picture in the upper right of the blog. (Unless I lose another ten or fifteen pounds - then it'll be a picture of my six-pack.)

I just never look good in pictures. You know that guy, who in every photo is either blinking, yawning, sneezing, has his neck angled weirdly, or is looking anywhere but the camera? That's me. I may think I'm taking a good picture, but it doesn't ever turn out that way.

(The picture in my mind? Chiseled good looks. The reality? I look like a polar bear slathered in bacon fat.)

I look drunk in every picture - even when I'm sober.
(And contrary to popular belief, I'm not a pretty drunk.)

Using the webcam will be a cinch - I'll place the kids in front, and hide behind them while it's in use. That's all it'll be used for. It's not like I'm going to host streaming video on YouTube of me blogging at my desk. (Riveting as that may be.)

And the day I break down and post my face on the web? You'll know that's a sad day indeed.


1 comment:

  1. I have two webcams, the second a super-cheapo bought for a project.

    neither of them is plugged in, sadly. One is ready to go if I need it, but the other one sits at the window, depressed, looking out at the trees with dead eyes.

    Poor webcam.