Monday, March 24, 2008

Temporarily Demoted.

Tonight I was just a regular guy.

We had doubled-scheduled two of us at work, and being the junior of the two Managers, I preformed the role of The Lackey for the evening.

It was great.

No pressure, no stress, nothing to worry about except doing the simple tasks that have to be done. I didn't have to deal with customers or other staff - no bullshit at all.

It's not like my job is hard -but it's a breeze when you take away any semblance of responsibility except completing assigned tasks. Sure, it's a bit more manual labor than normal, but I can handle that.

Tomorrow I'm back to being me again. It was nice to be one of the proles for a day, but you can't keep a man away from his destiny, right?

But I'll tell you one thing....
I'm going to look at whomever's the Lackey tomorrow night with just a bit of envy.


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