Saturday, March 29, 2008

Concrete Jungle.

Today I tried something new.

I wasn't able to go to the gym this morning, (not open until 10 on Saturdays) so I got my ass out of bed for a run before work.

As I stepped outside at 5:45 am, I looked at my options: I could run up to the track and do laps completely in the dark, or I could run around the neighborhood under the lovely glow of the streetlights.

I picked the lights. (Totally not scared of the dark.)

As I made my way around the block, one thing became clear to me - running on the sidewalk sucks. It seems much harder on the knees than running on the track or even just the road. I'd heard this from people, but until you experience 2 miles of it, you don't really believe them. I switched up to the road for the next 2 miles, and everything was great after that.

I also felt a moment of guilt.

I used to be one of those drivers who would get frustrated with people running or jogging on the road. I'd bitch and moan about how they had a perfectly good sidewalk right there. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I'm a little remorseful about my (misplaced) ire.

I did enjoy the run though, and plan to do it again. I'll stick to the road rather than the sidewalk, but like others I've seen (and yelled at), I'll obey the rules of the road.

See you on the mean streets.


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