Friday, March 07, 2008

Painful Pound.

In an effort to secure my weight-loss contest lead, I pushed myself extra hard this week.

I was also fighting against the evening out that we had - (Thai food is worth the extra sweat.) so I jumped right into the new weight routine we were given. I busted though the upper body sections no problem, and the lower body stuff wasn't that hard either - except for lunges .

(Note: Lunges were invented by Satan as a form of punishment on the lowest level of Hell. They don't even make Hitler do lunges.)

My legs are in pretty good shape right now from all the running I've been doing, and I worked through the sets no problem. I even put some weight into the lunges, just to challenge myself a bit.

Big mistake - my legs were killing me yesterday.
Bigger mistake - I thought a run today would loosen them up, so I did 2.5 miles while I was on my lunch break. They felt really good - until after my run. Right now they feel like tight guitar strings, ready to snap. (Even stretches didn't help.)

The shitty part of all this: When I weighed in this week I only lost one pound. That's the least I've lost since starting this program. A loss is a loss, and I'll take it, but I'm going to bust my ass and make sure that I get better numbers next week. (Thank God almost everyone else tanked too - my lead is still secure.)

I'm taking tomorrow of from the gym, and just doing cardio on Sunday. Hoping the day off will give them a chance to get back to fighting shape.

Until then I'll be alternating between bags of ice and hot showers.

Or is that hot compresses and cold showers?

Whatever - I'll try both.


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