Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In & Out.

I find that there is a real difference between running Indoors and running Outdoors. (Other than the fact that the sun gets in your eyes.)

Having ran 2.5 miles outdoor yesterday and 3.1 (5K) indoors today, I noticed a couple of things:
  • When Outside, I didn't have to wait for the fat lady to get off the track before I ran.

  • When Inside, I didn't have to wear gloves on my cold hands.

  • When Outside, I'm not distracted by the T.V.

  • When Inside, I have the T.V to help distract me.

  • Women bundle up way more for running Outside - this is not a good thing for a guy as visually-oriented as I am.
I also found that running Outside was much harder. There's such a variety in surfaces that you run on, and not all of them are flat. (When Outside there's no place to hold the water bottle.) Plus it can go from freezing cold to sunny and warm in 2 minutes, meaning that whatever I wore when I left the house is now completely irrelevant.

I like both - the variety of being able to switch between them is going to be great over the next month or so. Rainy days - run inside, great days - run outside. The only catch is that it's so convenient to run on my lunch as the gym is right across the street from work. (Do you think they would be offended if I ran outside and just used their showers?)

The big plus about running Outside is that I might actually get a tan. I hear if you run under the ball of fire in the sky your skin can gradually darken, and not come off in flaming strips like I was lead to believe. That'd be nice.

So the pasty-white guy sweating his sack off running next to the ocean?

Yeah, that would be me.


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